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BCC News
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BCC Group General manager Message

Bakhtarzameen Construction Co’ was established in 2007.  From the company’s first project on the for US Air Force  on Bagram Airebase in 2008, BakhtarZameen  grew and became an established force in the construction industry of Afghanistan.  In late 2009, BZC took a giant step forward with the formation of BCC Group of Companies and established a superior Construction, Logistics and Transportation company dedicated to rebuilding Afghanistan.
BCC Group vision
The objective of BCC Group of Companies is to be the leading Afghan National construction, logistics and transportation group engaged in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. In pursuit of this objective, BCC Group performs to International Standards of Integrity, Quality, Cost and timeliness in the execution of its contracts.
BCC Group work environement
The Company provides its workers with a safe and progressive work environment, allowing them to grow professionally and achieve financial success for themselves and their families. BCC encourages its employees to take the initiative and be creative -- and take ownership of their projects so as to provide consistent and quality results.
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